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Language is a process of free creation; its laws and principles are fixed, but the manner in which the principles of generation are used is free and infinitely varied. (Noam Chomsky)


Professional translation from English / French into German


I am based in Strasbourg, heart of Europe, meeting point of different cultures and languages, hub of language experts working together to bounce off ideas and exchange knowledge.

I provide translation, interpretation and specialize in the language combination English, French into German.

My mission is to break down language and cultural barriers, to pave the way for clear communication between you and your client.


My translation reflects the language, concepts, meaning and register of the source document.

Over 12 years active translation in various fields has allowed me to accumulate a wide range of profound professional experience.

My long-standing and proven expertise in international communications has earned me the trust and respect of many international customers as well as numerous small, medium and big companies. I am known for highly competitive rates, fast turnaround times, and accurate translations. Detailed proofreading assures an error-free final product.

In order to expand the share of the global market, effective communication is paramount – it is one of the essential keys to the success in business. Your communication skills reflect the image of your company. If the translation fails to live up to your highest communication standards, your image too, will suffer.

My profound understanding of European policy objectives and key areas, as well as my expertise in communication consultancy, in both public and private sectors, enables me to offer tangible results to my clients.

I work mainly with non-government organizations, medium and b big companies, trade associations, communication and PR agencies, financial institutions, and development, law firms, translation agencies and private individuals. My clients are located all over the World.

To stay on top, I work with the cutting edge of translation technology by using the latest translation memory software tools.

Each task, be it small or large-scale, is carried out in professional and responsible manner. Offering quality is my promise, my engagement – it is part of my mission.

 I maintain scrupulously a strict confidentiality policy, but would gladly provide you with appropriate references on request.

Send us your text or interpreting enquiry via e-mail, postal mail and I will send you a price quote promptly without obligation.

If you would like to receive a detailed quote with all information on it, including cost, delivery date and our understanding of your project, please go to my Contact page.





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