If you wish to add cowboy or non-paying translation agencies on this blacklist below, please send a mail to Frank MÖRSCHNER.


This list is to warn other linguists or companies of unprofessional translation agencies or scammers:


EUROPADUBB (Jean-Louis Auboyer) defaulting on payments

LANGUAMET (LanguaMet or Langua Met)

ALL LANGUAGES (Experts of Linguists Agency)


JR Media Services (fail to pay linguists)

PUTSCH CST (company working with Langua Met)

Bombardier Produits Récréatifs inc., alias BRP (working with LanguaMet)

ANSH (alias

DDS Europe (UK, fail to pay larger projects)


Very useful infos about scammers (those using CVs from others to steel their identity for carrying out translation work via Google machine or other online translation machines) you will find on the Translator Scammers Directory.




Offers a rate of 0.02 €/word for a small project like 10k words. When pointing out that they should use Google translator instead, as it would be more ‘cost effective’ and the quality might be even better than that of low-cost translators working for such rate Mr. Ili Noida replied this:
“There are 100s of unprofessional and rude  ‘so called translators’ like you in the please we would actually prefer to get this translated using google translator than from people like you.”
P.S. Don't waste your valuable time replying to this...your mail ID is already mapped to Trash.“
International Lingua Institute
based in India
International dial code: +91




Here a mail  I have received from this questionable agency based in India:


“Hope you doing great,

This is to inform you that we have a technical translation project and it is running for last 8 months.

We already have some translators working with us since starting. They are earning more than 2000 USD per month. Currently we have huge load and we are looking for more translators to meet our client deadline.

This is a long term project and we have quite low budget. Rate we are offering are 0.015 USD per word for translation and 0.0075 USD per word for proofreading. [This is -80 % of a low rate base of 0,07 €/word!!! – Frank MÖRSCHNER]

Kindly let us know your interest if you can work with us or not?

Amit Sharma,
Project Manager
2nd floor, Plot 19, Sector 5, Rajender Nagar,
Near M4U Cinema, Sahibabad, Delhi NCR,
Ghaziabad-201005, Uttar Pradesh, India



My reply to them:


"A translators output is about 2000 words (technical text)  to 3000 words (easy, non technical text) per day.

In a week of 6 days (including Saturday only), that is, when the translator is working 'flat out',  that would be about 18k words.
In a month (4x18k) that would amount up to about 72k words.

Given your offered rate of 0,015 USD, that would be 1080 USD (800 €). This shows that there must be an error in your calculations (I do not know how you get to 2000 USD per month at such a low rate.)

The rate of 800 € is here in Western Europe about the standard pay of an unqualified worker (cleaner, needle woman, dishwasher, server at a counter in McDonalds or Burger King….).

Are you looking for a qualified translator in the combination English to German or for any odd person that just does the job to get it done? You may wish to translate your documents via Google Translator. The quality is often well inferior to the quality standards of a qualified linguist, but often well superior of an unqualified 'low-cost' translator. But most importantly for you, it is free. So, you would not have to spend unnecessarily so much money on a translation carried out by unqualified translators, and you would boost your margin a little, provided the client the client does not check your translations or has no means to check it.

Kind regards,"

After a week they got back to me, saying that they got confused with the language pair and offered me a Website creation service instead!






Harshada Kulkarni
To be found on
Advertises on second rank translator platforms (Übersetzerbörsen) (such like

They advertises in their ads normal rates (0,08 €/word), but in reply mails ask for dumping rates below 0.04 €/word).

Based in India



Deluxe Digital Studios
Presents itself as a USA based translation company, is however based in India (IP: Bangalore, India.

In advertisements ( offers 30 €/hour – for European standards acceptable rate. Of course, they do not really pay such rates. Again, fall below 10 €/hour rate.



(This company is based in the UK, Scotland)


On the 17th of October 2013 I received following mail from the freelance translator Thierry Darlis:

"I am a victim to one of the biggest scammer translation agencies called dds Europe; their emails: , and


Take care; they send small projects with  small amounts to get trust then bigger projects with huge amounts and then..... disappear.


They owe me now more than 1000 EUR!!!!!


Please take care and pay attention from this big loser scammer......."


Thierry Darlis is a freelanced translator based in the USA, at Roswell and translates from English into French language (his mother tongue).


Comment from Frank MÖRSCHNER: This luring-strategy with small jobs being initially paid is the most classic of all. Before taking on new, larger, projects, make sure to check them carefully via the Internet! They may present themselves highly professional on the Internet (see their website), but often turn out to be companies with low payment moral. The best is, not to accept smaller jobs with companies with which you have not worked yet.


I hope to make loser dds Europe stop steal our time, efforts and money.







Based in Germany
Manager: Christian FUNKELT.

Payment issue. Payment due since December 2012, I am still waiting, (February 2014!).


First payments sometimes late, but he paid. He refused last payment under false pretext. Translators should be

careful. Best to avoid.

Collaboration had to be discontinued.






Presents itself occasionally as based in USA, but is from Palestine. Procurs most jobs from translation agencies (multibple sub-contracting). One of those agency is Atlantic Translations (member of the ATC and ITI !!!).


On asking for their company identity, they fail to send a minimum of information such as address of their company.
When insisting on their address, they reluctantly send you a partial information.  They seem to have various ‘employees’ or a loose informal network, and give you some conflicting information as to their business address. Most of the times they just send you the name of their company or their Internet address (where no address can be found either!).

They tend to contact you directly via translator platforms for top urgent jobs, sometimes even jobs of 3000 words arriving on Sundays and to be done for next day on Monday!

They pretend to pay on delivery… Well, I would not try it!  (How can you chase after your money, if you have not even a proper company address.) Companies, that have such difficulties to communicate basic company information are better kept at bay.


They still keep contacting you after having expressedly explained the reasons for the refusal of collaboration.

Here are the first communications, they may send to you (wording my change from ‘employee’ to ‘employee’ (or network member):


Language Met: 930 Woodland Dr, Glenview, IL 60025

Und Ihr “Supervisor” Salem (Nachname blieb mir verschlossen) gab eine Adresse in Palästina an:

Website                     :
Address                     :Rafah, Gaza, Israel.

Intro mail
„Our company would like to ask for your permission giving us the authority to send your CV and cover letter to our clients. Please find attached a copy of the agreement. Your response is much appreciated at your earliest convenience.”

On my  queries, I received this description:

How they present themselves:
    “We're a group of university graduates working online as mediators between the freelancers and translation companies. We work on marketing CVs for the freelancers and then receiving projects on their behalf. Projects received on your behalf are sent back to you after removing companies' contacts. If you don't feel comfortable working with us, please inform us as soon as possible.”
They may also attract attention by offering a project, without however sending you a professional PO (in due form, with at least an address of their company):

“thank for your interest you well find attached with this e mail what you are looking for
 i do have a project till me what cat tool you use it is a 3495 word project and i will give you (0.06 us) per SW if you are interested  send me you time zone “

They send you confidentiality contracts with no company name or address on it! How can such a contract for any party be legally binding!?

As for this project, I received no formal PO whatsoever.

If you are translator, and you have similar bad experience of translation agencies, please let me know, and I will publish this on my Website.


M ALL LANGUAGES (Experts of Linguists Agency)

Scammer translation agency. Bietet 0,02 USD/Wort!!!


MUCHDO (Scammer)

Betrügerische Übersetzungsagentur.


JR Media Services (do not pay translators)

Warning from Corinne.


Here is what Corinne from Lexis Int. wrote to me on Wed 4th of September 2013:


"Hello Frank!


I want to add JR Media Services to the non paying companies. I worked with them before an they paid me, so I trustred them. But now they have ceased paying what they owe me. I found online that they've been doing this since 2010 at least. And they blatantly lied to me about a check lost in the mail... and I believed them! I know the girl who was on the phone and she lied reapeatedly! Thanks for warning others."


[My comment:

If you have such cases, please note, that you can and should request another check from your client, as obviously, a lost check cannot be cashed in at the bank. The company above should contact Corinne or just send a new check for her to cash in. Once Corinne has received payment, this entry will be taken off the Black List.]




Machinery and plant engineering

Putsch Group ist ein weltweit tätiges Technologieunternehmen mit Kernkompetenzen in Planung und Bau von Zuckerfabriken, Zuckerraffinerien und Anlagen für die Süßungsmittelindustrie.


Works with Langua Met (a scammer translation agency). On advising the company PUTSCH about this blacklisted agency Langua Met, this is what I received as reply:

"Bitte belästigen Sie uns nicht weiter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Stop bothering us!!!!!)

It shows well, how much this company 'cares' for fair rates being paid to translators. However, I am sure they soon will be bothered by something quite else: The poor quality of the translation they will be receiving from Langua Met.

This entry is also to show, that it is not always the translation agencies (coming from India or other Middle or Far East countries) are at fault, but often also manufacturing companies (direct clients) that are unwilling to pay reasonable rates for quality work and do it in a wild west manner. What me strikes here most is, they do not even seem to be in the least ashamed of the fact, that they are working with a scammer agency based in Palestine and do not show they slightest concern.

Translation Agencies in the West will have certainly no chance to satisfy such insulting price expectations of such clients like PUSCH, as they are below 0,03 USD (0,02 €) per word. This equals about 3-4 Euro per hour's work for a freelance activity! A rate even the boldest and most scupulous Western translation agency would not be able to compete with (until now).


Bombardier Produits Récréatifs inc. (BPR)

I received another circular "translation test" addressed to hundreds of translators from LanguaMet today (25 October 2013), asking me for a "test translation". No doubt, this request comes via a large translation agency passing this job on to LanguaMet (a cowboy translation agency based in Palestine).
BRP is a worldwide manufacturer for snow equipment and vehicles (so they should be able to pay a decent rate for translations...). 
This entry will be removed, when BPR contacts me to tell me with which direct translation agency they have placed this job. 



This was the orignal entry:


Freelance translator Makis Apostolatos, from Piraeus (Greece) wrote this about this company:


"The assigned me a project with PO at 185 USD. I delivered it and when time came for payment they were always unavailable.

Please add me in the list of complainants."


Makis translates from English into Greek with specialization in the technical fields such as telecommunications, electronics.


(Mail from 11 October 2013).




If you have other such companies or agencies, please drop me a line. This will be treated and published confidentially, if you wish so.


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