As scam agency LanguaMet keeps sending me unsolicited requests with documents that are actually meant to be confidential for Language Met (alias LanguaMet or Langua met)  and their principals (no doubt another translation agency based in Europe or in the North-America), I will now put these requests will all their details and content of those documents to be translated on a separate page until I won’t receive them anymore.
LanguageMet is a blacklisted so called “translation agency” that does pay extremely low rates or pays not at all, sends requests under false names and from temporary web based mail-addresses (, etc.) and sends them usually on weekends as “rush jobs” (next-day deliveries) to make sure traceability and check-up on this scammer is not possible or difficult. 
LanguaMet is fully aware of my entries, but are unable to remove me from their mailing list due to their “open” pyramid like system. 
If you have any such scammers or non-paying translation agencies you wish to add to this site, please contact me.
Why do I send documents that are meant to be confidential? This is to raise awareness to all contractors and direct clients concerned (that is companies that entrust their confidential documents to be translated to translation agencies, that do not at all respect the confidentiality by passing it on to cowboy agencies or persons that do not care about the confidentiality either and distribute it to a large number of linguists, that do wish to work with them du to their bad webutation (reputation in the internet).
The main contractors (direct clients) often are a little to easy-minded about entrusting their jobs to any old translation agency, as long as the rate or price is low enough and are not aware of the risks they are letting themselves in for, in taking this carelless-for-cheap approach. As I am not bound by this confidentiality, having never signed a contract with LanguageMet and even refused on several occasions collaboration with them, and in order to protect other linguists from this scammer, all future mails from them will be made public.
E-mail and documents received on
27 October 2013